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The Towns

Claudy_Country_Park_sm.jpgThe Towns Profiles

One of the aims of the SPACEial NW Project was to profile the towns in the North West Region Cross Border Area, which had a population of 1000 or more inhabitants.  At the time of carrying out these profiles the only available figures for the settlements in Northern Ireland were from Census 2001 and for settlements in the Republic of Ireland were from Census 2006.  Therefore, 19 such settlements were identified in the Derry, Limavady, Magherafelt and Strabane Local Government Districts while 15 were identified in the Donegal Local Authority Area.  

At the time of going to print the figures for settlements in Republic of Ireland were released for 2011.  This took the total number of settlements for the NWRCBA to 36 and this number is likely to increase when the settlement figures for Northern Ireland is released in March 2014. Once figures are available for both jurisdictions a new update will be made to the town profiles; however for the purposes of this document the profiling exerciseSPACEIAL-NEW-REPORT-COVER.jpg
covers the 34 towns.

The profiling exercise provided a wider range of valuable indicators at settlement level and this greatly informed the development of Chapter 5 Planning for Growth. It is hoped that the approach taken by the SPACEial NW project in capturing settlement data will provide a rich level of easily accessible information for decision makers, students, researchers etc in the North West Region Cross Border Area for many years to come.  For further information on how we put the town profiles together please see Chapter 6.


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