SPACEial North West

The Way Forward


This section contains an overview recommendations regIn analysing change across urban and rural settlements, the SPACEial North West project used a combination of techniques.    Chapter 1 explored the concepts of urbanisation and counter urbanisation and expanded the definition of urban settlements by NINIS, to include areas with populations of 1000 or more persons.  Chapter 2 set the spatial planning context for the project and also explored how the relationship between data and planning has evolved over the years.    Chapters 3 and 4 examined the actual physical change in the boundaries of Derry and Letterkenny using a combination of Satellite Imagery and GIS technologies.   Chapters 5 and 6 explored the changes to the planning and census boundaries of settlements over the last 10 years and examined a range of different planning and demographic indicators to determine how development objectives at national, regional and local level have impacted on urban and rural areas.   Chapter 7 gave an insight into the range of cross border agencies operating in the cross border context and also demonstrated how the SPACEial NW project can act as a tool to assist these agencies in developing and reviewing cross jurisdictional strategies. 

As each of these chapters’ present specific observations and conclusions, this chapter simply provides overarching recommendations on how we can further develop the SPACEial concept of ‘placing data at the heart of decision making’.  For further information please see  Chapter 8