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A story map uses geography as a means of organizing and presenting information. They tell the story of a place, event, issue, trend, or pattern in a geographic context. They combine interactive maps with other rich content - text, photos, video, and audio - within user experiences that are basic and intuitive.   All of the webmaps and applications developed as part of this website contained in our very own  SPACEialNW Geo-Portal.  This section will provide a selection of some storymaps   for the north west region cross border area. 

SPACEial NW Geo-Portal 


Sleigh Stats and Maps for Santa

As we all know Santa will  be a very busy man delivering presents to all the boys and girls around the world on December 25th. On the Island of Ireland alone, he will be laden with gifts for 1.2 million children – that’s a lot of chimneys to climb down…  So Santa, we think it would be really useful to have information and maps on hand, to help guide you and your reindeers from Lapland to the Island of Ireland.Here is the link to the all of the information that we were talking about – maybe the elves could show you how to open this on your smartphone by clicking on your image below.  With over 80,000 square kilometers to cover alone and 18% of the population to visit, how will he get everything done… well that’s the magic of Christmas!


Global Reach to County Donegal

The globalised nature of contemporary Donegal continues to attract a new wave of residents, with 22% of all residents in County Donegal stating their birthplaces was outside the country, which is a higher proportion than  in the State rate @17%.  Therefore,the story of inward migration is best told using the interactive map. The story map provides a vivid visual of the diversity of the population and workforce residing here.   Simply click on the attached image to explore it for yourself.


12 Places to 'Go Visit' in County Donegal

Donegal has no shortage of amazing things to do and see. Being Ireland’s fourth largest County, you would need a month to get round them all. To help you get the most out of your visit we have produced this story map of 12 places you cannot miss.  Now go visit, and take your virtual tour by clicking on the image below.


The Irish Independent's Top 10 Wild Atlantic Beaches

We have story mapped the Irish  Independent's pick of the top 10 best beaches along the 2500km Wild Atlantic Way touring route.  Simply click on the image below and meander along Ireland's  Wild Atlantic coastline and view some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Now it's time to go visit and experience it for yourself.








Major Towns in the North West Region Cross Border Area

Letterkenny Company named as one of the 'Top 25 the best places in Europe' to work. Check out the article .  So Investors why not take a visual tour through Letterkenny and the 33 other towns in the Northwest Region Crossborder Area by clicking on the image below.


Urban Growth from 2000 to 2010  in Derry/Londonderry  & Letterkenny 

Planners, decision makers … when making your development plans and decisions, why not examine our urban land cover classifications and review the growth experienced over 10 years. This research was conducted by the Research and Policy Unit as part of the SPACEial North West project. Check out our research #donegalresearch