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Publication:    Statistics on Gaeltacht Areas in Ireland. 

The Research and Policy Unit of Donegal County Council are currently working on profiling data in County Donegal to inform the development of a new Socio Economic Framework for the County.  A valuable source of information for this work is the Census 2011.  Click on the following link to access statistics extracted for Census 2011 on the  Gaeltacht Areas in Donegal and the State


Publication:  Profiling Challenges to the Education Sector in Donegal in 2012

This report produced by the Economic Security Sub-group of the Children’s Services Committee was launched on the 17th June, 2014 by Mr. Paul Hannigan, President LYIT in the Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny at 3.30pm.

Following a series of budget reductions in the Education sector the Economic Security Sub-group commissioned research to establish their impact in Donegal.  This research was carried out by the Research and Policy Unit in Donegal County Council and funded by Councils Social Inclusion Unit.

The Report highlights that while the reductions have been applied in a uniform manner across the country their impact is more severe where high levels of deprivation previously existed and it is widely acknowledged that Donegal has, for many years, experienced some of the highest levels of deprivation and poverty in the state.

Click here to download the report 

Publication:  'Donegal at a Glance Statistical Fact Sheet, 2011'


Factsheet 1: 'This is Donegal' - Principal Demographic Results', Census 2011
Factsheet 2 : 'This is Donegal - Older & Younger',  Census 2011
Factsheet 3 : 'This is Donegal - Economic Workforce', Census 2011
Factsheet 4 :  'This is Donegal - The Roof Over Our Heads', Census 2011
Factsheet 5(a) : 'What We Know- Education and Skills in Donegal', Census 2011
  Additional Tables 5(a) - Skills 
Factsheet  5(b): 'What we Know- A Study of the Irish Language in Donegal', Census 2011
Factsheet  5(b): 'Travel to Work, School or College in  Donegal', Census 2011