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Town Profile Ramelton

Ramelton Remelton Quay

Ramelton is a picturesque village which is a must see and one you will not be short of leaving with breathtaking pictures of the River Lennon as it divides the town along the main street.  The river is renowned for its salmon and sea trout and is noted for its early appearance of salmon each year.  The streetscape has retained its historical appearance which is noted in the traditional building form and as you get lost in time, relishing in the peace and clam of the town, you can enjoy a quiet cuppa in the quant coffee shops, restaurants and pubs along the quay area.  The steamboat store building on the quay houses an interesting history of the town and Donegal Ancestry Company.  Ramelton is also home to McDaids Minerals, famous for its bottle of ‘Football Special’.  One cannot leave this town without tasting this unique flavour of soft drink.